Suddenly a book nearby starts glowing…what do you do?


We recently provided our users with the above writing prompt and it’s safe to say, the creativity immediately started flowing. With nearly 300 comments to choose from, it’s no easy feat but we did what must be done and picked a few that we found to be particularly mesmerizing, intriguing and enjoyable.

If you were given the same prompt, how would your story differ from these ones? Which of the talented writer’s stories is your favorite?






You are working in a library, organizing the books on the shelves, when suddenly a book nearby starts glowing.

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After spending a few years working in the music industry managing bands, Katie found her love of writing and social media after starting a blog in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since; she has even been featured in Forbes magazine. Katie loves all things health and fitness, and is known to dive into craft projects much larger than she initially realized. You can often find her sitting with a hot cup of coffee and a cozy blanket at her desk.