Ever Wonder How Books Are Made? Here’s A Fascinating, Up-Close Look!


Despite the fact that many people are avid readers, very few go to the extent of finding out how their favorite books are actually put together. Do you know how a book is made? It was quite a surprise to us!

In the below video, you can see how people still make books by hand. The work includes handling printing plates, stitching together signatures, fixing the ribbon bookmarks, making the hardcovers, and finally numbering the copies.

There is something so satisfying about watching machines and people work together in such a synchronized fashion. And all those books! If you love books, you won’t be able to stop looking.

Watch the video to get some uncommon insights about the whole bookmaking process; we find it truly fascinating! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below once you have watched it for yourself.

When you are done, you can also help enhance the education of a disadvantaged child by giving a donation to the First Book program.

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