What to Read While Waiting for Harper Lee’s New Book? Her Essay on Love!


lee1The announcement that Harper Lee will be releasing a sequel of sorts to her acclaimed novel To Kill a Mockingbird made the collective heartbeat of bibliophiles worldwide beat faster–and then stall for a moment, as anxious fans realized the July 14th publication date was nearly six months away. How to spend those 163 days in between? Well, here’s one way–and it’s even ideal for Valentine’s Day, no less!

A piece written for the April 16, 1961 edition of Vogue by Lee is short, to be sure. But it contains all of the quiet brilliance and plain, honest insight that the novelist is known for. Read it. Then re-read it again. Learn something about love. And before you know, July 14th will be here!

Harper Lee’s Take On Love

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